Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Viscom II Midterm Portfolio

I like the concept, It is all greek to me so you see greek letters everywhere. I think it is clean and simple suing only type
I like the concept of the face from vegetable. There is not a lot of text so I had to deal with how to use negative space effectively.

I like the color scheme: green and pink.. The image is big enough to get people attention. I am satisfied with it much better compared to the original versions.

This layout i like the graphic I made. The overall composition is not super great but I dont think it is bad neither. It is always difficult to not over use graphic elements though.

I had fun a lot with making the illustration. I think the background helps the pole stand out more. The title is ok. Overall, i like it because it is cute.

This layout looks clean and it did not take me too long. I like the image which can pull others attention. I think the big title help too.

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  1. Legend is misspelled in your final submission. Fix it.