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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

final drink products


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Happy Juice
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Illustration Portfolio

Watercolor is not my strength but I tried hard. Some of them were ok some were eww baddd. My problem is I dont know how much water to use or how long to wait for the colors to dry. But i think i kinda get it after doing like hundred water colors lol

NOKIA turned out 80 -90 % look like the real picture. I am happy since I didnt even know how to use watercolor so I was scared to start and didnt know what to do first. Mostly it was wet on dry technique. The buttons took quite long. I feel a little bit more comfortable with water color after this project.

The 3 images is the other creepy one that i did. Ppl was like what the hell but anyways, i like the pig head, it looks so happy. I was pissed that I had to redid it but the 2nd one looked better :) Dont know bout getting faster at the 2nd time though. I used pick out and put in color and I did have fun to create the bloody background :p My problem is I always stucked with one area and couldnt move on until Rusty or other said so lol So i need to work on that.

Farted PIn-up girl, when it came to illustrate the sound i didnt know what to chose because it seemed like all the sound ppl already picked. I decided to chose the sound that no one wants to hear - FART SOUND :p And it was more funny if it came out from a sexy girl, that's y i chose a pin up girl. Pin-up usually dont feel embarrassed they just did thing wrong and always had the innocent face saying that they dont know what they do. That is thason my girl face was not too embarrassing. I chose blue for background since blue is innocent and relaxing color and then the fart is going to destroy the atmosphere. I had trouble with painting her skin to be smooth. After starting over 3 time, it finally came together ok.

Stretchiest skin is CREEPYYYY but it is cool looking :) I spent a lot of time working on the hand and face area and it was good :) I had trouble with the lips and teeth so ppl don't think it is his tongue since I didnt use any photo reference for that part. Lesson learn always USE PHOTO REFERENCE because it suck when i draw from my imagination :p I get more comfortable with GOUACHE and pick out technique.

Book cover is ok since I could use the same one as in VC 2 so it was much easier. Coloring part was not too difficult since I knew what I wanted to do. The pen turned out good and I was surprised because i am usually not good at using pen.

Cheesy project is not too bad. I actually like air brush except the cutting and covering part. It was annoying since my piece had a lot of details but it turned out like the original picture. Thing I learned BE PATIENT :)

I actually like Illustration except the 1st part of semester was not so much fun since we had to do a lot and I was lost. And (ILLUSTRATION + VICOM 2) x RUSTY = NIGHTMARE lol I think if i dont have VC 2 i can spend more time on my projects but it sometimes helps VC 2. OVerall, PRACTICE makes perfect. I get a lot better in gouache as well as water color now teehee

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

final VISCOM porrtfolio

the poster promotes Native American Heritage Month. Totem pole recounts familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events. i wanted to go away from the traditional Totem Pole design which look sometimes too scary to make it more cute. although the graphic does not have the similar look with Native American style, i added patterns and their costume so people can still recognize.

Rapala- fishing, quite boring topic for me since I am not a big fan of fishing. I decided to make it clean and simple, big picture and bright color to attract readers.

I put the fruits and veggies together to create a smiley veggie face. I wanted to say that sometimes food looks good and fresh but actually it has a lot of bacterias. I learned how to deal with negative space in this article since there is not much text.

Society of Illustration is quite a pain since I had to deal with different panels and had to make sure that they are in right direction. I had the concept but it was to difficult to rephrase it in the short and catchy statement. Also it needs to be connected thought out the piece. People didnt really get the concept at first so oops excuse my English since it didnt make any sense :p I think I always tried to put too much so I need to simplify stuffs sometimes :p And printing cost ughhh and the paper in printing services is not good. So i need to aware of those facts to happen.

Butterfky project. When I had to chose 1 image i think is good, i didnt know what to chose so I went for my favortie thing - BUTTERFLY teehee. The photo itself is pretty but to came up with the ad and other was a challenge. I learned how to munipilate the photo in different situation in this project.

RED BARNNNNNN i think the whole class hate it. I did too but it turned out quite well since I worked over the break :p The concept was there but the work was not. I started over with the inspiration and tutorial online. The brochure is the most tricky one because i didnt know what to do with the inside to mkae it not boring and it has a lot of information too so I didnt want to have the graphics to take over all that information. It took forever to go in and change color of each tile. I got to chose which paper I need to print stuffs on and it was quite fun to see how it turned out different in each type of paper. Time estimate is my problem. I didnt it took that long sooooo anyway I stayed up all nite and being death the next morning to get this project done. happy that everybody liked it.

This is one of my favourite project. Again i created more work for myself by doing that pop- up thingie but it looks good so im happy teehee. The illustrations were not too bad to do neither, I really enjoyed doing the project with the cutting and construction stuffs. I printed the pop wrong size so i should have made a better mock- up. And no sleep again.

MY FAVORITE PROJECT, i had so much fun to create those cute things :D and again create more works for myself by building 6 cartoon box. I had to figure how to put liquid in. At 1st i was going to use contact paper but it was safer if i put water in the ziploc bag and put it inside. I had trouble with the carrier becasue I tried to match the triangle hole with the boxes and it turned out not even 2 sides but it still looks ok. I didnt have much trouble on this project since I enjoy doing it.

OVERALL, VISCOM 2 is the PAIN IN THE ASS. It is so much work and a night mare but return i learned qutie a lot. I need to manage my time better and work faster i guess I tried tho. The first half semester I thought I wan goin to die since I HATE POSTERS AND SPREADS, dont know what to do when there is a lot of text. Toward the end I feel better with 3 D projects :) Anyways, Rusty is good at creating nightmare for students lol but thanks for your help through out the semester :)

final sound illustration

I had a lot of trouble to make her skin tone look even. I started over like 2 or 3 times with gouaches but I couldn't get it right which pissed me off. So i decided to switch to water color. It worked better but it took forever because I am not used to the media. She turned out pretty good, i always have trouble with creating background though.

Monday, December 7, 2009

red barn final

FINALLY DONE with this project. I hate this so much but oh well at least it turned out quite well as I expected. Some might look white here because for actual version, I printed them on colored and texture paper so it looks better real. The brochure is a challenge because there is too much text to deal with and you have to save some space for design. Otherwise, it will look boring.This type of layout with a bunch of pictures I saw the tutorial online so it helped a lot. it took forever to go clip picture and change color of each pic. I think that's the only thing took long, once it was done, it was much better.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Book cover sketch

This project was not too bad since I Could pick my own book. I used watercolor with wet on dry mostly and some pick out then came in with pen.+

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Karafuru's drink draft 2

I had so much fun to design these boxes. My drink is fruit juice called "Karafuru" which means 'colorful'. And i want to make it somehow connected to the fact that effects or represents the mood. There are 6 boxes and I will divide them into 3 set: blue, pink, yellow. I named each of them as Bru, Pinku, and Ierro. Bru brings the feel of relaxation, Pinku means love, and Ierro means yellow.
The colors turned out good need to try to put liquid in though. The carrier' design will be similar to the boxes.