Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Illustration Midterm Portfolio

This is one of the first water colors that I painted. I had fun experiencing with doing the cloud and sky and such.

This is line work combining with water color. I like the shading and how the water turn out. I learned how to loosen up more. Try not to be a control freal and try not to outline everything.

I like the reflection on the water and color on this one. I learned many things like when to use wet-on-wet or dry-on-wet and such.

Yayyy my phone turned out great. Well at least 90% of realistic. The keyboard and those small buttons took long time too paint because they are too small and have details. I used wet-on dry most of the time.

This is creepy like people said but i think it is funny for some reason. I picked out color most of the time and went in with darker colors for shadow. Pig head and other objects turned out well. The half of the body I didnt know how to deal with it though. The bloody background was out of control but it is better than the old version.

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