Friday, October 16, 2009

overheard conversation sketches

So my sketches are kinda crappy so that is why i have explanation down here :p
My conversation is about that guy is scared of marrige
1)He is scared that his wife is goin to control him like a puppet.
2) He has to obey his wife
3)His wife is goin to become a queen of the house and he has to obey
4)He scared tthat wen the bride gave the ring which is the same things gives him handcuffs
5)He scared of being locked up in the acge which is no freedom
6)The bride is wearing dress made out of money which means she is goin to spend a lot of his money
7)The bride and the groom are standing next to each other, but their shadows show that the bride is digging a hole fr the guy ( not mean of dying but death of being not free dom)
8) While the wife is watch TV aor goin to spa, husband is a maid
9)The groom wants to fly with his wings but he cant anymore becaue the bride hold or tie him with her

1 comment:

  1. Number 9 is the one. Next step: Start developing into a tight pencil comp. You need to work on finding reference and work on character development and composition.