Friday, September 18, 2009

StressSSSS!!! Magazine spread layout take 2

I was not sure that I would draw the illustration with sharpie then scan it or i should build it on Illustrator. I finally decided making it in Illustrator and it took about 2 hrs and i havent get to a lot of details yet. I will later add more color for it and some where else in the article because right now it looks boring and plain


  1. Layout needs more air built into it. It looks very cramped. The graphic cartoon needs to have more dominance in the layout. Same with the headline and subhead. These three items should function as a unit. They are spread out all over the two pages. You have full color to work with - don't forget. Why just red?

  2. cuz i havent had time to decide which color I would use and I didnt mess around with the title and position of graphic and such :P I will try tmore next time