Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2nd Assignment: MORE redesign posters aha

For the German Culture evening, I underestimated the time because it took way longer to create the bottle with type than I thought. Talking about German culture people will think of beer but "There is more to Germany than just beer". I first wanted to use a beer mug but I think a lot of people would use that, I switched to beer bottle and used typed to create it. On the bottle, it has the fact "Germany has 1500 types and 4000 brands of beer". The part that contains beer was created by repeating the word "beer". Believe it or not, it looks so simple but it took me about 6 hrs.

So since I spent too much time on the previous poster, I just took it easy on this one. It is pretty simple, big image of a person throwing on wheel , and there are information for the classes. And it does look better than my 1st poster that i did in DSP :p

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