Friday, October 23, 2009

Butterfly thingie update

I like how it turned out but the left page some how look like it has 2 column girds and too even.

Final version, I rearranged the pics and the text around so it looks more interesting, I am hapy with this finall product. Yayy butterfly

I like the size of the picture and how it interacts with my photo. The title looks not right and too separate. I will change it to 1 typeface. The font for the info is too plain

Final version looks much more uniform.

I like the partial COB a lot, much better than the old poster. It gives the three-dimensional feel to the poster. The Script font looks also less complicated with only the initial letter. I think the crown is cute but Rusty thinks it is too cheesy *sighhh*

Final version, I took off the crown and do some realignment.

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